Saturday, October 11, 2014

The White Mountains, New Hampshire...Conquering the Wildcats!!!!

Monson to Caratunk, Maine

Conquering Katahdin and the 100 Mile Wilderness

So an amazing woman named, Kay, who has been following us on our blog, saw our post regarding wanting to flip-flop and looking for a ride to Maine.  Kay, who also lives in Fayetteville, NC, was heading to Vermont to finish hiking The Long Trail and offered to pick us up on her way to Vermont and drop us off in Maine.  Mom and I were blown away by her offer and graciously accepted.  

My former battalion Command Sergeant Major while I was at Ft. Bragg, Sam, lives in Scarborough, ME.  Sam had stated he would like to hike with mom and I up Katahdin when we reached Maine, so I contacted him as soon as I knew that we were definitely flip-flopping.  Sam stated he and his wife Cathy still wanted to hike Katahdin with us, but it would have to be over the weekend and we could stay at his place in the mean time.  So, Kay picked us up in Buena Vista, VA on Monday  18 August and we headed north.  We arrived at Sam and Cathy's Tuesday evening.  Kay spent the night and then headed on to Vermont Wednesday morning.  Mom and I spent the rest of the week relaxing at Sam and Cathy's.  

Saturday 23 August we got up, packed up and headed up to Baxter State Park, ME, in order to summit Baxter Peak, Katahdin on Sunday 24 August.  While eating breakfast Saturday morning, we looked out the backdoor and saw a Tom Turkey and 7 hens pecking up the dropped seed under Sam's birdfeeder.

Sam made reservations for the four of us to stay in a cabin on Chimney Pond at Baxter State Park Saturday night.  The view was amazing. and we arrived early enough to enjoy some canoeing on Chimney Pond.

 Sunday 24 August

Thursday 28 August - 4 Sept
 1st Half of Wilderness

5-11 September
2nd-half of Wilderness