Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mom sick...still in Monson, ME

Mom has been battling a bug of some sort, diarhea and vomitting, no temperature though, the last 4 days.  She if finally feeling better and able to eat and drink again.  We are going to see how she feels in the morning and hopefully we can get back on the trail tomorrow, Thursday 18 Sept.

 I don't have cell service here, so contact me via email,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Conquering Katahdin and the 100 Mile Wilderness

I know it has been a while since an update, but it took us 14 days to get through the 100 Mile Wilderness, during which time we were on the trail and without internet.  We were able to connect to the internet upon arriving here in Monson, ME, but I have been busy nursing Mom while she has been sick.  I have uploaded all of our pictures and will add commentary as time allows.

Maine has been challenging, but amazingly beautiful at the same time!!!

23 August

24 August