Friday, January 30, 2015

Excitement off trail today!!!!

In addition to snowshoeing our way on down the trail today Friday 30 January 2015......

1.  We got the car stuck in the snow and I got out and was able to push it out...whoot whoot!

2.  We were driving back to our current trail angel's house for the night when we were met by a herd of 6 draft horses running down the road towards us.  It was like we were in the middle of a Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.  The horses ran up into the yard of the house we were approaching and were walking up and down the driveway.  I got out of the car, shooed the horses up to the barn behind the house and went up to the house to see if anyone was home.  I was scared sh@tless, these horses were HUGE and I have no experience with horses.  I was just waiting for them to run me over or something.  A woman came to the door and said, yes they belonged to she and her husband and she didnt know they were loose.  She said they were up in the pasture and must have somehow gotten out.  I asked if she needed my help to get them secured and she said yes.  Now this lady was half my size, but walked right up to and around these HUGE horses like they were small little dogs.  Again, I was terrified inside, but followed right behind her and helped her get all 6 horses into the barn and the doors shut.  We think 3 the horses were Clydesdales or Belgians and the other three a mix breed or something.  We are going to stop by tomorrow to ask for certain.  Never a dull moment

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trudging through Vermont

Cossingham to West Hartford

West hartford to cloudland

Cloudland to Pomfret

Pomfret to VT 12

VT12 to Perkins Rd

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Goodbye New Hampshire...Hellloooooo Vermont!!!!!

New Hampshire was an amzing time, but we are so glad to finally be done and on our way through Vermont.  Here areour last few pictures in New Hampshire.

Hendo on her way up Mt Cube.  A bit frosty from frozen sweat and residual snow on the spruce trees.

Even frostier Hendo made it up and over Mt Cude.

We have been able to sleep at a trail angel's house each night while we finished New Hampshire, so we have been safe and warm at night.  However, we forgot one of our Nalgene water bottles in the car overnight and the water froze and bottle burst...oops.

Hendo's Mom and Hendo at the NH/VT border...Yay!!!

Celebrating our completion of New Hampshire with a free piece of pizza at Ramunto's Pizza!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Places to stay in Vermont....??????

Friday I start trekking south through Vermont along the Appalachian Trail...Mom and I would be very grateful of anyone who would let us stay at their place a night or two along the way. With the weather being so cold we have enjoyed hiking during the day and staying at a trail angel's house at night while we finished up New Hampshire. We just need floor space in a heated room, we have our sleeping bags and pads. 

If you want to help us out leave me a voicemail or text message, 404-234-6513.

Hendo & Hendo's Mom

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A weeee bit chilly....

We hunkered down at a friend's house today to wait out the crazy cold.  As you can see it was -5 F at 0800 hrs this morning.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finishing New Hampshire...trudging through the snow!!!!

     Last time we were on the trail we had to concede 89.3 miles of Maine to Mother Nature and then received notice from our landlord that we had to vacate the house we were renting.  We made it to Fayetteville, NC to move our belongings into storage and appeared before the Magistrate.  After two weeks in Fayetteville we were finally able to get out of Fayetteville and head back to the trail.  The plan was to head up to Virginia where we left off and hike north for 5 days and then spend Christmas with a paratrooper brother in Maryland.  We made it to Virginia, but I just was too depressed from the debacle in Fayetteville to hike, so we headed to Illinois to visit family for Christmas.  Grandma's cooking and family time did us both well and we headed to Maryland to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my paratrooper brother Terry and his wife Patrice.

     We met Terry and Patrice on Clingman's Dome in Tennessee when we were hiking north.  They are both amazing people and were great hosts.  Patrice is an amazing cook!!!  The time with Terry and Patrice was great for our minds, bodies and souls.  We left Maryland on Friday 26 December for North Woodstock, NH and the home of our new friend and trail angel Lois.  Arriving back in New Hampshire felt good, but also overwhelming.  I moped around at Lois' house for a few days and then finally got back to hiking.  Having been off trail for almost a month I was hurting, but am feeling better and getting back into the swing.  My left foot/ankle is still talking to me, but doing ok.  While in Illinois I borrowed my brother's snowshoes and have had the chance to use them once.  I haven't been pounding out as many miles as I need to each day, but I am doing my best and making progress each day.  

     As of today, Thursday 8 January, I have Mt. Cube, Smarts Mountain and Moose Mountains to go up and over and I will be done with New Hampshire.  Due to the weather we skipped them this past week and I will knock them out beginning tomorrow, Friday 9 January.  Then we will be in Vermont and moving southward.  Here are our latest pictures, enjoy!!!

Thanks again for everyone's support!!!

Our last day in Maine.  It had snowed overnight and was still coming down.

At least Mother Nature kicked up out of Main with a beautiful snowy sunrise.

A cool invention up here in the Northeast, a grate built into the floor of the porch so you can clean off your shoes/boots and the dirt and snow has a place to fall below.

New Years Eve 2014...who is this masked hiker??

'Tis me, Hendo hiking over Mt. Mist.

Hendo's Mom on the AT in her Kahtoola Micro-spikes.  Mom drives to the end of the hiking section each day and parks and hikes in and meets up with me.  So I get to hike with her for about 1/2 to 1/3 of the day.  I miss following her all day though.

Hendo's Mom and Hendo finishing up 2014 hiking on the AT.

Cute icicles in a babbling brook.

The only thing that sucks for me and winter hiking is sweating.  No matter how little I wear I still sweat.  My gators have been working great keeping snow out of my boots and my feet/lower legs warm.  But you can see how it was so cold that my sweat froze inside my gators. 

Hendo's Mom and Hendo at the Warren, NH Redstone Rocket.

The Redston Rocket in Warren, NH.

Information kiosk at the Warren, NH Redstone Rocket

Happy New Year!!!  We overslept on New Years Day, so we didn't make it out to hike, but Friday 2 January, we were up and back at it!!!
First hike of 2015 on the AT.

Hike into the Light!!!

It was just me and my shadow hiking this morning.

Hiking near the Dartmouth Skiway.  A know covered stone wall with a white blaze marks the way.

Another awesome trail angel near Dartmouth Skiway offering free water and ice cream to AT hikers.  Needless to say I passed, but the pink flamingos were an nice touch on a cold day.

Today I went over Holt Ledges and needed my brother's snowshoes on the north/non day-hiker side of the mountain.  They worked great!!  MSR Denali Snow Shoes.

We saw this gorgeous owl sitting on a powerline.  We stopped and watched it for a few minutes and were lucky enough to watch it swoosh down and nab it's dinner.  So awesome!!

Smiling for the camera.