Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 7 Woody Gap - Day 8 Neel Gap

Day 7, Saturday 22 March 2014
Start Woody Gap, 0900
End Lance Creek, 3.3 miles, 1130

Back on the trail today after a day of rest. We had to stop at Lance Creek, because bear canisters are required for anyone overnighting between the next stop, Jarrard Gap and Neel Gap.  We spent the afternoon napping and reading the Nook.
Hendo's Mom & Hendo on Preaching Rock
Hendo's Mom on Preaching Rock

Hendo on Preaching Rock

Campsite at Lance Creek

Day 8, Sunday 23 March 2014
Start Lance Creek, 0753
End Neel Gap, 7.4 miles, 1530

Oh shit it was on like Donkey Kong.  Our longest day yet, AND it was up and over the highest point on the AT in Georgia, Blood Mountain.  RANGER, the lock-step is the preferred method for ascending steep terrain. And Ranger on we did, lock-stepping it all the way to the top.  However, uphills are not the worst, downhills are.  We made it to Neel Gap and the awesome store and made some adjustments/purchases.  Mom and I have purchased SuperFeet insoles, these should help our ankle pain. I purchased two waterproof compression bags as the ziploc bags I was using wasn't cutting it. We also got a light weight waterproof bag for the camera to replace the bulky pelican case we had and mom needed a new headlamp.  We donated a few unwanted food items to the hiker box and also mailed a few items not wanted home.  We are staying at the Blood Mountain Cabins tonight, the weather is crappy and we are beat up.  We got to shower tonight and completed our now nightly routine of ankle rotations, foot massage and foot elevation.  We will be back at it tomorrow
Hendo & Hendo's Mom on top of Blood Mtn 

White blazes mark AT down from Blood Mtn

Boot Tree at Neel Gap


  1. Well I keep seeing "no Comments, No Comments"
    I'm here watching following you two!!!
    Have put the word out a bit more too.
    Hugs to both of you. I am proud of BOTH of you, and I am daymned lucky to know both of you. !!!
    Be safe

  2. I checked Twitter.... I didn't see anything since Hendo had a headcold. Glad you two are doing well! Everything here is fine. ditto - what CJ said. Great pics.

  3. Sure and steady wins the race. Good luck.

  4. You are such an inspiration!! Will be watching your progress, cheering you on, from Ohio. Keep up the good fight, sisters <3
    Kerri Foulks

  5. reading your journey--sounds like you all are doing well stay safe :D