Monday, June 9, 2014

Need New Slackpacking Partner or Someone to Help Shuttle

Mom and I have made great progress slackpacking with a fellow thru-hiker over the last week.  However, we have parted ways with our current slackpacking partner.  Therefore we would like to find another hiker to partner up with or someone who would like to come visit and shuttle our gear.

Here is how it has been working.  We picked up mom's car when we were in Erwin, TN.  There are roads or parking areas that cross the AT approximately every 15 miles.  We have been camping at the northern end of each days section.  Then mom and I walk south towards the southern end of the days section.  Our hiking partner would then drive to the southern end, park and hike north.  We would get the keys from him as we passed each other on the trail during the day and continue south to the car.  When we got to the car we would drive back to the northern start point, pick up our partner and move north to the next days section and repeat.  Doing this allows us to leave all of our heavy gear in the car and hike with a small day pack, carrying only food, water and rain coat needed for the day.

We have been hiking approximately 12-16 miles each day while slackpacking, while with our full packs we were only able to do 10 miles a day on a repeating basis.

So we are looking for another hiker to join us and help us slackpack or a visitor to come and meet us at the end of each day with our gear.  We have mom's car so a visitor would not be expected or have to use their own car or gas.  A visitor could enjoy day hiking on the AT or visit local sites during the day.  Just note that we are still camping at the end of the day and are not going into town daily, we are simply using the car to shuttle our gear. We cannot afford to put someone up in a hotel each night, but would expect them to camp with us or sleep in the car.  Mom and I can do this ourselves, but that would mean we would have to hike seperately, which we will do if we must, but we do enjoying hiking together.

Please pass the word and contact us via email, as cellphone service is hard to come by out here.  You can also leave us a text or voicemail, but do so as a backup.

Cell: 404-234-6513

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