Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mother Nature has Won Maine....I concede the remaining 89.3 miles of Maine

Mother Nature always wins, and despite my best efforts, in the end she has won the round of Maine.  It is with a very heavy heart and much shame and disgust that I must concede the remaing 89.3 miles I have to do in Maine.  The weather has gotten too severe in Maine for me to tent overnight by myself and the snow is too deep for us to get Mom's car to the trail crossings in order for me to day hike, we need a 4x4 but only have a Nissan Altima with studded winter tires.  Therefore, I am picking up the trail where we finished the Whites in Glencliff, NH and heading south.  The terrain is nowhere near as rugged as Maine and so I can make the longer hikes to the blacktop road crossings.  So I am not throwing in the towel, I will just be 89.3 miles short of a thru-hike...what a lesson in humility.  I guess hiking 2096 miles is still an accomplishment.  All the way, Airborne!!!!

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