Thursday, March 19, 2015


Army training is complete!!!!

Mom and I will be back on trail Sunday 22 March!!

We are getting back on at US 60 in Buena Vista, VA, where we flipped up to Katahdin.  We are parking the car at a friend's house nearby and will be back to full packing it together...yeah, I missed hiking with mom each day while she was dropping me off and picking me up.

We will be heading north up to Glencliff, NH.  Yes, I have already hiked from Glencliff, NH to Wallingford, VT, but Mom has not, so I am going to gladly re-hike it with her so she too will earn the title of thru-hiker when we are done.  From Glencliff we will jump up to Bethel, ME and hike from Mahoosuc Notch north to Little Bigelow.  And then we will be done!!!

So put the word out....get ready, 'cause Hendo and Hendo's Mom are on their way.

Since it has been 4 weeks since we have been on trail we will be a little slow at first, but we know we will be flying up the trail soon.

As always we will appreciate any and all support along the way, so leave me a voicemail, FB message or email if you are willing to pick us up and give us a hot shower and laundry for a night!!!

Cell:  404-234-6513

We are still hiking to raise awareness and money for Stop Soldier Suicide:

Here is our fundraising site to help support us on our trek:

Benton MacKaye always said that he felt that the award should be given to those who take the longest to hike the trail and not the fastest time.  Therefore, Mom and I propose that the Benton MacKaye thru-hike award to created and we will be honored to be its first recipients.  What a thru-hike this has been and we are far better people because of it.

Hendo & Hendo's Mom

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