Sunday, May 31, 2015

Upcoming hiking schedule

We are heading on north today from Weverton Cliffs, MD and have had some inquiries about our tentative timeline, so here is our tentative schedule for the next few stops/resupply. Otherwise, we are hiking about 10 miles per day and taking a zero/resupply/rest day every 5-7 days.
Wed 3 June - pick up a mail drop resupply in Smithsburg, MD
Sun 7 Jun-Mon 8 Jun- Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania, our trail friend Freckles is going to pick us up for a zero and resupply.
Sat 13 Jun- Duncannon, PA - we don't have any contacts that we know of in the area so our plan now is to spend a zero at the Doyle Hotel hostel. If you are in the area and take us in let us know, 404-234-6513 or 910-322-8893.
19/20 June - We should be to Pine Grove, PA, PA Hwy 645 Waggoners Gap Rd.
23 June - Port Clinton, PA

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