Friday, August 21, 2015

We do not "Heart" New York, so far....

So far the trail in New York has been absolutely terrible.  There obviously has been no thought put into its routing and no effort put into its maintenance....except for the day hiker section over Bear Mountain, that has to he kept nice and pretty so the day hikers/people with money are kept happy, screw the rest of we hikers elsewhere on the trail.  I am really baffled by the terrible state of the AT in new York because it is the same club,  NY NJ Trail Conference, that maintains the trail in NJ that maintains the trail in NY, and NJ is great!!  Ultimately I place blame for the sorry state of the trail in NY in the hands of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  They can delegate the authority to maintain the trail to the clubs, but they cannot delegate their responsibility to ensure it is completed properly.  The ATC is failing to check, ensure and support the clubs in maintaining the trail.

It has been insanely hot and humid, and that combined with the awful trail has slowed us down.  However, north of Bear Mountain the trail seems to be improving and the weather has cooled a little, so hopefully we can get our miles back up and quickly knockout these last 480 miles.

Tuesday 18 August 2015
Seven Lakes Dr to Summit of Bear Mountain, 1698.1
Today was another stretch of no water and rough trail.  We were able to get our mileage back up today though and have never been happier to see vending machines of cold drinks and water on top of Bear Mountain.

We stopped for a short snack break at William Brien Memorial Shelter.

This deer had the right idea, spend the day relaxing in the shade

Hendo's Mom enjoying the view from on top of Black Mountain

What in the world is this?!?!?!?  Is this actual cut in maintained trail I see??  So you can put in and maintain trail NY, you just choose not to elsewhere.
  Hendo's Mom working her way up West Mountain.

Hendo's Mom and Hendo on top of West Mountain with Bear Mountain behind and across the way from us.  Almost there...

Bear Mountain Tower across the valley

Hendo walking through a grove of sappling black birch trees

The amazing rock work up and down Bear Mountain, by amazing companies like Jolly Rovers Trail Crew,  very much appreciated.

Seriously?!?!?  An amazing stone walkway section on the south side of Bear Mountain

Hendo has never been happier to see a vending machine of cold drinks and water.  This was our only source of water within 5 miles south and 3 miles north of here.

The local deer on Bear Mountain like to hang out by the vending machines as well.

Bear Mountain Tower

Hendo's Mom enjoying the sunset from the bench on Bear Mountain

I guess Megalithic Trail Crew is responsible for some of the trail work on Bear Mountain...thank you very much!

Beautiful terraced trail and stairs on the North side of Bear Mountain

A cargo ship working its way along the Hudson River

Hendo and Hendo's Mom never pass up a bench!!!

Hendo's Mom showing her approval for the amazing work done by Jolly Rovers Trail Crew

The entrance to the zoo....1700 miles!!!!!!!

The lowest point on the AT, 120 ft elevation, in front of the bear's den in the zoo

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