Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas 2016

Just because I am living in a camper trailer doesn't mean I couldn't or wouldn't decorate and enjoy Christmas.  Since there is no room for a live Christmas tree I opted for white pine roping which I used to decorate around the door on the outside and inside around the top of the ceiling.  The wreath on the door was live fir boughs, so when Christmas was over the wreath and roping all went in the trash, so there is nothing to store until next year.  Our "Christmas Tree" was a temporary decal which I affixed to the outside of the camper, $8.00 at Walmart!!

Inside I added some Christmas cheer to the door using a table runner which I hung over a dowel rod and stitched into place.

White pine roping and red lights hung around the top of the ceiling along with my collectible Christmas ornaments.  I have room in a rubbermaid bin for some Christmas decoration storage, collectible ornaments, stockings, window and door hanging.

Stockings hung on the bathroom door with care.

I used a different table runner to cover the kitchen window.  Yes, I love poinsettias and they are my primary Christmas decoration theme.

Light and greenery around the ceiling along with my ornaments.

Wazir and Pacha dressed in their Christmas sweaters.

Me, Ilene dressed up for Christmas as well.

Some delicious, Qabali Palau, Afghan Rice I made over the Christmas holiday!!!


  1. Love your spirit!! And your little "home" it's adorable!!

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