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Day 118-126, 11 July-19 July...Trudging through Virginia

Wifi has been hard to come by, as well as the time to upload our pics onto my google drive and then upload them onto the blog.  Today however, due to the rain we took a zero and I have had wifi all day and able to get completely caught up.  So we didn't make any miles, but hopefully we made you smile!!!

Hiking through Virginia has been a challenge, mainly because of boredom, which has resulted in lagging motivation at times.  It has also been a challenge because of a huge lack of water sources, or more specifically dried up water sources.  So if anyone wants to practice their LRS(Long Range Surveillance) support skills, let us know and you can practice by dropping us some water along the trail at cache sites.  Now mind you, we don't have a gps, nor maps, so you will have to give us landmark, direction and pace count to find the cache, instead of grid coordinates.  But I think we could make it work!!  Well that is about it for now, feel free to pass on our blog and fundraising site links to any and all.  We can use all the support we can get.


Day 118, Fri 11 jul-zero day at woods hole

Yesterday we arrived here at Woods Hole and were greated by the amazing fellow hiker and temp caretaker, Stone Bear.  Stone Bear immediately made us feel welcome and offered we poor raggedy thru-hikers some left-overs, which we accepted with glee.  Today the peace and tranquility has sucked us in and we are taking a zero to enjoy the atmosphere and farm life.
Hendo, Stone Bear and Hendo's Mom

Main house of Woods Hole

Hiker bunkhouse at Woods Hole

Hendo and Sugar B slopping the pigs

Some excitement transpired today when Stone Bear's pet Dachshund, Charlie, wandered into the pig pen and got attacked by the pigs. Working together we were able to get Charlie out.  Charlie is a little shaken, but appears to be ok.

Stone Bear is headed back home to Alabama tomorrow once the owners return, so he asked if we would like to join him for dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Pearisburg, heck yeah!!!  What a great time we had at dinner.  However, when we got back to the hostel Charlie was nowhere to be found.  We have spent the last 2 hours looking for Charlie, but no sign of him.  We are worried he may have sustained some internal injuries from the pig attack and wandered off into the woods to die.  Hopefully, Charlie is just out galivanting for the night and will return in the morning.

Day 119, Sat 12 jul - zero day woods hole

No sign of Charlie this morning at the hostel, but a southbound hiker stopped in and said that Charlie spent the night at the shelter, 3 miles north of Woods Hole, on the AT.  Charlie left the shelter this morning following two northbound hikers to Pearisburg.  Stone Bear asked mom and I if we could keep and eye on the hostel while he went looking for Charlie.  Of course we offered to stay and are taking another zero.

 Stone Bear headed to a road crossing on north while another hiker headed out on the trail northbound.  Eventually Charlie was found 9 miles north of Woods Hole on the AT and safely reunited with Stone Bear.  I helped Stone Bear with the evening chores, feeding the pigs, checking on the Scottish Highland cows.  Hendo will never be a pig farmer, they are too mean, however, I wouldn't mind goats or sheep.

The owners of Woods Hole, Neville and Michael, returned today, wish they would have stayed away.  They are obviously having marital issues and have decided to take it out on us, their paying guests.  We are definitely out of here tomorrow and will be certain to pass the word to avoid Woods Hole.  The husband/co-owner, Michael, is by far the rudest, most self-centered, unappreciative, spoiled brat of a man I have ever met...most certainly the rudest person on the AT.
Day 120, Sun 13 jul

Start Woods hole
End Pearisburg, VA

Since Stone Bear left Woods Hole this morning he offered to shuttle our packs to town, so we slack-packed the 10 miles into Pearisburg.
We found a view today!!!!!!!

We were awarded with delicious Mexican food for dinner.  After dinner we met two guys from Jolly Rovers Trail Crew, Chris and Arty.  These are the crews who work to maintain the AT.  Jolly Rovers specializes in the amazing rock work along the trail, focusing their efforts in the NE.  They were down in Pearisburg, VA giving some training to the local hiking club.  It was a great conversation and we look forward to trying out their handywork on up the trail.
Hendo, Arty, Chris and Hendo's Mom

We got a hotel room for the night, so are enjoying a night in a bed, such an amazing invention beds are!!!

Day 121, mon 14 jul-zero pearisburg, storms

Day 122, tues 15 jul - zero pearisburg, storms

Day 123, Wed 16 Jul

Start pearisburg, va
End Springside campsite

Day 124, Thurs 17 Jul

Start Springside campsite
End Bald black raspberry patch

Part of the reason for the Virginia Blues is the lack of scenery from the trail.  However, today we were rewarded with some beautiful views.  Whoohoo!!!

Hendo's Mom enjoying the view from the top of the bald at Rice Field Shelter

Hendo enjoying the Rice Field view.  This makes climbing a mountain worth it!!

Today, was a short day mileage wise, but still a full day of "work".  We used the "extra" time  at the end of the day to make some needed sewing repairs to our tent and shoes.

A random campsite, with a great view and black raspberries nearby, where we decided to pitch our tent for the night

Our amazing view for the afternoon/evening

Yummy...Mother Nature's trail raspberries!!!!  Hendo's Mom picking berries for breakfast tomorrow.

And a beautiful sunset to mark the end of the day!!

Day 125, Fri 18 Jul

Start Bald black raspberry patch
End "The Captain's"

Today was a good day of hiking, except for the lack of water.  We have been facing stretches of 10 miles plus without any water sources.  We made it to water finally though, after 7 miles and "cameled" up.  We ended our day at "The Captain's", the home of a former thru-hiker who allows hikers to camp on his property, and his backporch if it is raining.  The Captain also has a fridge full of complimentary cold sodas.  The only catch to all of this is that you have to ride a zipline across the creek to get to his property from the AT.  I guess it is more of a treat than a catch.  Mom and I enjoyed our rides.  Mom crossed, then I sent over our packs and then I crossed.

Hendo's Mom ziplining to The Captain's

Hendo zipling to The Captain's, pulling herself in the last few feet.

Day 126, Sat 19 Jul-zero day at Captain's due to rain

It rained all night last night, was raining when we woke up this morning and has rained all day.  We just couldn't find the motivation to pack up a wet tent, hike in the mud and rain or leave the dry comfort of The Captain's backporch.  Therefore, we have spent the day here at The Captain's and I have been productive and completely updated our blog...ENJOY!!!!

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