Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 91-108, 14 Jun-1 July, Damascus, VA to Bland, VA

Day 91, Sat 14 Jun - Zero Day, Woodchuck Hostel, Damascus, VA

Day 92, Sun 15 Jun- 481.5 miles

Day 93, Mon 16 Jun- 491.1 miles
Hendo & Hendo's Mom on Buzzard Rock

Day 94, Tues 17 Jun- 508.1 miles-Grayson-Highland's State Park

Cool tree growing out of/around huge boulder

Hendo & Hendo's mom on top of rock mountain

Wild ponies

Hendo's Mom in Fatman Squeeze

500 MILES!!!!!

Longhorn Cattle Bull

Day 95-99, Wed 18 Jun- Sun 22 Jun- Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association National Convention, Gettysburg, PA

Day 100, Mon 23 Jun- 516.6 miles

Day 101, Tues 24 Jun - 527.3 miles

Day 102, Wed 25 Jun - Zero Day

Day 103, Thurs 26 Jun - 540 miles

1800s School House

The trail went under some large powerlines that were loudly humming

Day 104, Fri 27 Jun - 554.4 miles
Hendo headed north through a meadow

Hendo picking black raspberries, yummy!!!

Beautiful view at black raspberry patch, one of the few views in Virginia

Wooden plank walkway through swampy area of trail.

This is 90% of virginia, dense trees, poison ivy and stinging nettle...the green tunnel

Today was an obstacle course day, fence stile after fence stile...Hendo was not happy at the end of the day.

Day 105, Sat 28 Jun - 561.3 miles
An amazing homemade water slide into a pond!!

Day 106-107, Sun 29 Jun-Tues 1 Jul-Zero Days
While driving through the little town of Burkes Garden we passed these cute signs which tells you direction and distance to each family and businesses.

Ingenious way to keep termites out...put a galvanized tub over the piling, between piling and framing.

Doing hiker laundry...in the bathtub, a zero day activity

Goodbye dinner for "New Huites" on far right, he was helping us slackpack.
(Old Skool, Hendo, Hendo's Mom, New Huites)

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