Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beginning our trip South!!!

We have enjoyed our few days off here in Scarborough, ME at my friend's house.  He and his wife have been amazing and we are refreshed, motivated and excited to continue on our adventure down the trail.  Mom couldn't deal with her big bulky backpack anymore, luckily, Hyperlight Mountain Gear is located just down the road from Scarborough in Biddeford, ME and we were able to get mom a new ultra-light backpack.  An unexpected expense, but well worth mom not feeling so weighed down.

We had the chance to visit Portland Head Light Lighthouse...

And a local chocolatier that has a lifesize moose made out of chocolate

Tomorrow, Saturday 23 Aug, we head up to Baxter State Park, Maine.  Sunday 24 Aug we hike up Mt. Katahdin and begin heading south to finish the trail.  Thanks to everyone for your support so far and keep it up, we are on on our way to finish!!!!!

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