Monday, August 18, 2014

Completed 800 Miles!!! Heading to Maine

So we successfully passed the 800 mile mark yesterday and made it safely into Buena Vista, VA.  We have been able to arrange transportation up to Maine, so we are headed north to begin hiking south.  We are doing this because the weather up north will turn nasty soon.  So, if we continue heading north we could be closed out and not be able to finish due to weather.  Therefore, while the weather is good we will head up and hike south to finish.  We will summit Mt. Katahdin on Sunday 24 August is anyone wants to join us.  I know this is short notice and I apologize, but the offer still stands.

Thank you to everyone who has donated money so far to help us in our endeavor.  We are still in need of funds in order to continue hiking past September, so please feel free to pass on this website and our fundraising site,, to one and all.  Every little bit helps!!
Looking back down on the James river as we hiked up Big Rocky Row Mountain, a 2,312 ft climb up

A closer-up look at the James River foot bridge we crossed a few days earlier, while hiking up Big Rocky Row Mountain.

Brown Mountain Creek, 800 Miles!!!  And whoever says Virginia isn't rocky and is flat and fast is lying

Brown Mountain Creek Swimming hole 

Hendo's Mom and Hendo we just hiked 800 miles, what have you done lately!?!?!

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