Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Look out Whites, here we come....True to the Thru!!!!!

Wow, what a week, we finally made it to Caratunk, ME. Hendo got sick while on the trail, which delayed us again. But Hendo and Mom are both well and doing good now. Do to our delays, tomorrow Tues 30 Sept, we are getting a ride to Gorham, NH so we can hike the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Whites are the hardest mountain range on the AT and if we delay our hike through them any longer, we will be shut out by winter weather. As for the rest of Maine and New Hampsire, we have enough time to complete them before winter sets in. Thanks again to everyone for your support and remember why we are doing this...to bring attention to the continuing suicide crisis amongst veterans and to raise support for Soldier Suicide. 22 veteran suicides a day is 22 too many!!!


Here is our fundraising site to distribute:


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