Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Food Bags Located and Secured!!!

So today we got shut off of Mt. Lafayette AGAIN do to weather, so we are in town checking voicemail and internet. Got a message and spoke to the gentlemen, Scott, who mistakenly took our food bags. Scott thought that the Boy Scouts camped across from our location left the food bags in the trees. Since Scott would be passing by the town the Boy Scouts were from on his way home, he took down the bags and delivered them to the Boy Scouts. Upon delivering our bags to the Boy Scouts he learned that they were in fact our bags. Scott tracked down our website and left me text and voicemails. I called and spoke with him today. He is going to reimburse us for the cost of our replacement food and bags that we had to buy and is mailing our bags to us on down the trail. So all is well, and he meant well. Good to learn that they weren't stolen, just a misunderstanding.

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