Friday, January 30, 2015

Excitement off trail today!!!!

In addition to snowshoeing our way on down the trail today Friday 30 January 2015......

1.  We got the car stuck in the snow and I got out and was able to push it out...whoot whoot!

2.  We were driving back to our current trail angel's house for the night when we were met by a herd of 6 draft horses running down the road towards us.  It was like we were in the middle of a Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.  The horses ran up into the yard of the house we were approaching and were walking up and down the driveway.  I got out of the car, shooed the horses up to the barn behind the house and went up to the house to see if anyone was home.  I was scared sh@tless, these horses were HUGE and I have no experience with horses.  I was just waiting for them to run me over or something.  A woman came to the door and said, yes they belonged to she and her husband and she didnt know they were loose.  She said they were up in the pasture and must have somehow gotten out.  I asked if she needed my help to get them secured and she said yes.  Now this lady was half my size, but walked right up to and around these HUGE horses like they were small little dogs.  Again, I was terrified inside, but followed right behind her and helped her get all 6 horses into the barn and the doors shut.  We think 3 the horses were Clydesdales or Belgians and the other three a mix breed or something.  We are going to stop by tomorrow to ask for certain.  Never a dull moment

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