Saturday, January 17, 2015

Goodbye New Hampshire...Hellloooooo Vermont!!!!!

New Hampshire was an amzing time, but we are so glad to finally be done and on our way through Vermont.  Here areour last few pictures in New Hampshire.

Hendo on her way up Mt Cube.  A bit frosty from frozen sweat and residual snow on the spruce trees.

Even frostier Hendo made it up and over Mt Cube.

We have been able to sleep at a trail angel's house each night while we finished New Hampshire, so we have been safe and warm at night.  However, we forgot one of our Nalgene water bottles in the car overnight and the water froze and bottle burst...oops.

Hendo's Mom and Hendo at the NH/VT border...Yay!!!

Celebrating our completion of New Hampshire with a free piece of pizza at Ramunto's Pizza!!!

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  1. I got to say this...I think you guys are AWESOME!!!! Keep on keepin on. What an adventure you guys are having. It will last a lifetime!