Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cookout with Hendo and Hendo's Mom!!!!

Cookout & Camaraderie with Hendo and Hendo's Mom on the AT!!
Saturday 2 May 2014
1800 hrs / 6:00 pm -> whenever
Rock Spring Hut, Shenandoah National Forest, Appalachian Trail

**Monday marks 20 years in the Army for Hendo and the end of a significant chapter in her life, Hendo and Hendo's Mom are almost through the Shenandoah National Forest portion of the AT and the end of another chapter of their thru-hike.

**Hendo and Hendo's Mom invite you all to celebrate with them Saturday evening at Rock Spring Hut on the AT.

**There are two options if you want to attend
1. You can meet up with us Saturday morning at mile 51.3, Rapidan Fire Road/Lewis Falls Parking Area, hike 5 miles with us along the AT to Rock Spring Hut and then hike another 5 miles on up the AT on Sunday to a pick-up point at Skyland Stables Service Road.
2. You can park nearby and hike 1/2 mile to Rock Spring Hut and enjoy the cookout and go home at the end of the night.

**Bring your own food and drinks, we will have a campfire to cook on.

**If you want to attend please call or text me for exact directions 404-234-6513.

**Call or text if you have any questions, 404-234-6513

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