Thursday, October 29, 2015

Maine oh Maine oh Maine.....

Maine is making us earn it every inch of the way.  We are bruised and scraped up, be still trudging.  We have made it through Mahoosuc Notch (hardest mile on the AT) took us four hours and one flask of Jack Daniels.  We didnt drink the Jack, Mahoosuc Notch swallowed it up in one of its bottomless pits.  We have never been happier to see a flat tentsite at the end of Mahoosuc Notch.  We made it up Mahoosuc Arm to Speck Pond shelter just in time for a huge storm to roll in overnight.  We made it up the south side of Old Speck and over the top down into Grafton Notch before rain set in. We are currently in Bethel, ME at Pat's Pizza and were offered a place to stay tonight by an amazing trail angel.  We will lick our wounds, dry out and continue north tomorrow.

Happy Trails!!

Hendo & Hendo's Mom
"True to the Thru"~Lint

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  1. Hello Ladies on a mission, It was a true pleasure being able to offer you a warm bed and shower after spending days on the mountains of Maine. When the weather this time of year can be confusing, not sure if the warmth of summer has one more day or the brisk of winter frosts your nose. Hope you are safe and warm where ever you are. One of your many trail angels.