Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Massachusetts complete...Viva Vermont!!!

And another state is complete....only 1/2 of Vermont and approximately 1/3 of south Maine left to do and we are DONE!!  Fall is in the air and the weather is a changing. We have gone back to sleeping in our base layer top and bottom, are wearing our jackets in the morning while packing up, and are sleeping in our sleeping bags at night ( we had just been using them as blankets).  Otherwise it is business as usual as we are properly equipped for the cooler temps.  We have had a bit of rain the last week, which is actually needed because many of the water sources (springs and creeks) had dried up.
We came upon a wonderful trail angel who has let us sleep in her home in a warm dry bed  during these rainy nights, while slack-packing during the day to continue hiking trail miles.

Sunday 27 September 2015
Dalton, MA to Cheshire, MA, 1967.9 miles
We had a great zero in Dalton, MA at the Shamrock Village Inn.  The owner, Laura, is an amazing woman and wonderful trail angel.  We are so grateful for Laura's amazing support!!

Hendo, Laura and Hendo's Mom

Today we hiked from Dalton, MA to Cheshrire, MA and enjoyed a great night stay in Cheshire at the St. Mary's Catholic Church in their fellowship hall which they graciously open up to we weary hikers.  We were sure to step outside around 10 pm and enjoyed the amazing lunar eclipse.
Lunar elipse

A closer look at the lunar eclipse.

Monday 28 September 2015
Cheshire, MA to Mt Greylock, MA,
The temperature was dropping and rain storms were moving in, so we wussed out and spent the night at Bascom Lodge on the summit of Mt. Greylock.  We enjoyed a great dinner, wonderful conversations with two artists in residence, an AT section hiker, one of the caretakers/chefs, and a warm dry nights sleep in the bunk room.

On our way up Mt Greylock we stopped at the Mark Noepel Shelter and were greeted by an amazing Engineer cartoon.  He thru-hiked in 2014, so we guess he was out for a few days this fall.

Hendo and Hendos Mom at the War Veterans Memorial on the summit of Mt Greylock

The amazing Bascom Lodge at the summit of Mt Greylock

A great plaque at the entrance to the Bascom Lodge...we were definitely weary and we were very appreciative for the warm and dry rest.

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Mt Greylock to Adams, MA,
The rain stopped long enough on Tuesday morning/early afternoon for us to make it down Mt Greylock and have our friend Sharon pick us up.  As Sharon picked us up, the rain began to fall, perfect timing!

Wednesday 30 September 2015
Zeroed in Adams, MA....rained both days!!

Thursday 1 October 2015
Adams, MA to County Rd North of Seth Shelter, VT,    1989.8 miles
Mom and I were able to slack-pack from Adams, MA to 3.1 miles north of the Vermont border...another state complete, just a little bit of Vermont and Maine to finish!!
Hendo's Mom and Hendo enjoying our usual shot of Jack Daniels at the Massachusetts/Vermont border.

When we crossed the border into Vermont we also began hiking on The Long Trail, which the AT follows for the first 105 miles of Vermont.

Mom and I are really disappointed with the total disregard for Leave No Trace by the Glaciers in Vermont.  All along the trail the Glaciers moved through and just left their glacial trash/boulders strewn along the trail.

Friday 2 October - Tuesday 6 October 2015
Zeroed in Adams, MA

Massachusetts is complete, we have started on Vermont, have been taking a few days off in Adams, MA and will be back at it tomorrow, Wednesday, 7 October to take it to the finish!!!

While staying here in Adams, MA we attended their annual Fall Folliage Festival Parade on Sunday, 4 October.  Our favorite part of the parade were the Shriners go-carts that not only drove in circles down the parade route, but went up and over a suburban on a moving ramp!!!

 The tree leaves are beginning to change colors to bright reds, oranges, and yellows.  After the parade we visited the nearby MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) where we viewed some amazing modern art forms.  The museum opened with no admission fee after the parade and served free hot dogs outside in the courtyard area.

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