Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting back on trail for a few weeks...COME JOIN US!!!

Life post-war and post-Army has not been easy.  Long distance hiking has turned out to be a huge help in my effort to better myself, heal my battle worn body and soul and deal with the stressors of the civilian world.  In 2014/2015 my Mom and I thru-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, 2185.3 miles, from Georgia to Maine.  I want to share what works for me with my fellow veterans who are looking for ideas or help to cope and succeed post-war or post-military. 

My mom and I will be hitting the hiking trail again in June and July and I would like to invite any fellow veterans who are looking for a way to better themselves, heal their battle worn bodies and souls or deal with the stressors of the civilian world to join us at anytime along our way.  A day, a night, a week, the whole 2 months, you choose.  And it doesn't matter if you are an expert long distance hiker or have never spent one day backpacking, you are welcome join us.  If you have never been backpacking we well be more than willing to teach you all you need to know.  Yes, the fancy hiking gear can be expensive, but you can get out there and enjoy yourself and reap the benefits even without expensive gear, we can show you how.

Here is our plan: 

1-21 June - hiking on the Appalachian Trail from Carratunk, ME to Little Bigelow, ME and from Glencliff, NH to Killington, VT

27 June - 25 July - hiking the northern half of the Long Trail in Vermont.

If you are interested you can reach me on my cell at, 404-234-6513.

Happy Trails!!

Hendo & Hendo' s Mom

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