Friday, February 19, 2016

Settling In

Me, my truck, my "home"/camper trailer and 2 cats made it safely to Holbrook Campground, Ft. Stewart, GA on Monday 15 February. Mom and I got settled in and are slowing but surely getting things figured out. I still have some work to do inside, but am making progress daily. Our neighbor across the way has a compressor, nail gun and radial saw which he is letting me borrow and is making my life much easier finishing the trim. So far this week I have put down 1/3 of the flooring quarter-round, put in my bed frame, installed a cabinet above the stove, installed shelves in the closet/pantry and put up two closet rods on each end of the camper for mom and I to use as closets. My to-do list is still pretty long, but I am getting there.
We are going up to Fayetteville, NC this weekend to go through our storage unit and bring back the rest of what we need. We will be have a huge rummage sale in May at a friend's house up in Fayetteville, can't wait to unload all my excess schtuff!!!!
Happy Trails!!!
Hendo & Hendo's Mom
Home Sweet Home, Site 13 at Holbrook Campground, Ft. Stewart, GA

Making my bed frame outside.

Bed frame installed in the camper.

 So happy to have a bed..whoohoo!!

 Installed a closet rod at both ends of the trailer so Mom and I have closets to hang our clothes in.

 A new cabinet in the kitchen.

Shelves installed in the pantry!!


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