Friday, February 19, 2016

Kitchen Table...proudest moment

This is my proudest accomplishment so far int his kitchen table/Mom's bed. I am going to glue down pictures of our AT thru-hike and then epoxy over them for the table top. So I cut a piece of MDF, trimmed it with lathe trim with a 1/8 inch lip around the top which will hold in the epoxy, cut a 2x2 to use for the table leg with just the right angle so when it is extended it is perfectly straight, I stapled velcro to the leg and table to hold it up when the table is being used as a bed, attached the brackets which hooks it to the wall and voila...a kitchen table which sits level and fits perfectly between the benches for a bed!!!

Tomorrow we paint the inside, Wednesday the floor goes in and Thursday we tidy up and get ready to head to NC on Friday. I will finish up the details after I get down to GA on Monday. Looking forward to seeing Mom again!!
Happy Trails!!
Hendo & Hendo's Mom

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