Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finishing Plans

We have only 33.4 miles left, but i have never been closer to quitting than i am today. We have 23.9 miles from ME Hwy 4 to Carribou Valley Rd (Saddleback, Orberton Canyon & Sugarloaf) and 9.5 miles over Mt Avery left. We got a again to slack these last few days, but there are no road crossings passable with a non- 4x4 vehicle from ME 4 to Carribou Valley Rd, so we will overnight that section. We got the rental car again because our 15 degree sleeping bags are worn out from our extended use and are not keeping us warm at night in our tent, but sleeping in our car we are good.

The weather has been great but today is colder and rainy, so i think that is probably the source of some of my whininess. Anyway, i really wanted to finish on Friday 13 Nov, as that is the anniversary of my being MEDEVACd from Iraq, which is really the start of where I find myself today. But I think I need a day to eat and sleep today and finish on Saturday.

I thank everyone for their support and am sorry to disappont. I will wallow for just a bit and then suck it up and trudge onward.

So as it stands now we will finish on Saturday 14 Nov, by hiking southbound over Mt Avery. We will start in the Safford Brook Trailhead parking area, 0700 hrs, near Bigelow Lodge and Flagstaff Lake, hike up Safford Brook trail up to Mt Avery and then South over and down Avery to Stratton Brook Pond Rd.

Happy Trails
Hendo & Hendo's Mom
"True to the Thru" ~Lint

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