Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remember why we are doing this....

Today did not start out very well, I was ready to quit.  But "the trail always provides" and provide a kick-in-the-butt it did today.  Mom and I decided to come into Rangeley, ME and hangout at Sarge's Sports Pub & Grill to update the blog, enjoy a few beers, eat some great eats and relax.

While here at Sarge's we had the honor of meeting Brian & Tricia Roy, proud parents of Marine combat veteran Sgt Matthew Roy.  Sgt Roy served and survived multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, but unfortunately lost the battle to his demons and succumbed to suicide.  Sgt Roy's mother, Tricia, has graciously provided me with a memorial bracelet she wears in Sgt Roy's honor.  I am going to proudly wear his memorial bracelet as we trudge our way over Saddleback, Sugarloaf and Avery over the last three days of our thru-hike.

It often takes poignant moments, like our meeting Brian and Tricia, to put it all back into perspective and remind us what this is all about.

And so onward we trudge to honor, remember and bring to light the veteran suicide crisis.

Here is to Sgt Roy and the rest of my sisters and brothers in arms!!

Hendo & Hendo's Mom
"True to the Thru"~Lint

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