Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today there are 2 new AT thru-hikers in the world!!!

Yep, today Mom and I completed our thru-hike of the AT yesterday, Monday 23 November, at 1630 hrs...more pics and stories to come in the next few days.

Our trail sister, Seeks Chayah drove 4 hours Sunday night to hike our last portion with us Monday. We were so honored to have her share such an amazing day with us!!

Happy Trails,
Hendo & Hendo's Mom
"True to the Thru" ~Lint


  1. Congratulation!!!! Great accomplishment for a great cause. Engagement, generosity and determination are the three words that comes in my mind and I think of you.

    It was an honour to meet you on Bigelow last Saturday. Thanks for the Ride!!!

  2. Congratulations! You two are the definition of perseverance. I have enjoyed following your journey. I hope that whatever the next chapter in your life may be you can tackle it with the spirit, drive, commitment and determination that you have demonstrated on the AT. Thank you for sharing your story along the way.

  3. Congratulations to you and your mom on joining the ranks of those who have hiked the entire AT! We had met at Blackrock Hut in Shenandoah during my section hike (I'm the guy in the red shorts in the pics from your May 22 entry...thanks for the fried chicken, by the way, it was delicious!). I have been following your hike this summer and fall from the confines of the Cube Farm (booo). Awesome job! Congrats again...