Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Maine...ain't nothing but a thing, but what a thing it is!!

In Maine we had to finish the trail from Mahoosuc Notch to Mt. Avery.  We got on trail at Mahoosuc Notch and have been working our way north.  After making it to Grafton Notch, Mom was pretty beat up, so we decided to get Mom's car from the Notch Trailhead, rent a rental car and slack-pack from car to car.  While slack-packing we hiked some portions of the trail out of order to due weather, length of the section and difficulty of the sections, but we have hiked them all.  I have decided to post the pictures in geographical order, ie. the order in which you would hike the sections if you were to hike them NOBO from south to north straight through.

We made it up to ME 4 and completed the Crockers before having to get off trail to give my presentations at James Madison University.  We are travelling back up to Maine tomorrow, Wednesday 18 November 2015, to finish the remaining 33.4 miles we have left, which is a section from ME 4 to Caribou Valley Rd (includes Saddleback and Sugarloaf) and lastly Mt. Avery.

I have been busy preparing for the two class presentations I had at James Madison University, so I have not had the time to add commentary to the below pictures, but we wanted to get them up so you can at least enjoy the pics of our trudge.  

And here is a cute video of two moose we encountered on the road one evening driving from one road crossing to the next   Moose on the Road

Mahoosuc Notch

This is the hole in Mahoosuc Notch which swallowed my flask of Jack Daniels.  

Mahoosuc Arm

Here is a video of us at the top of the Mahoosuc Arm  
Top of the Mahoosuc Arm Video

Speck Pond

Old Speck

Grafton Notch

Clounds engulfing Old Speck at Sunset, looks like the mountain is on fire.

Baldpate Mountain

Video from on top of Baldpate  Baldpate Video

Wyman Mountain, Sawyer Notch, Moody Mountain

Old Blue Mountain and Bemis Mountain

Height of Lands, Mooselookmeguntic Lake

Crocker Mountains


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