Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 15-17

Day 15, Sun 30 March 2014
Start Unicoi Gap, 0930
End Tray Mountain Shelter, 1630, 5.7 miles

What a day, Georgia mountains suck.  Today we conqured Rocky Mountain (4014ft) and Tray Mountain (4430ft).  They really worked us over. We are getting better, today we did 2 mountains back to back before we were beat, when one used to do us in. Winds were insane today, 50 mph gusts.  According to the weatherman, the winds were supposed to end at 1800, however, they howled until 0600 Monday morning.  Only 20 more miles of GA left.
View from on top Tray Mtn

A luxury on the AT, a privy at a shelter location. This one is at the Tray Mtn Shelter where we camped.

Inside of privy.  They are special composting type privys so they are elevated, you toss in a handful of wood chips from the bucket after doing your business.
Hendo hiking on way to Tray Mtn shelter. Sun has finally come out and it was warm enough to sport Stop Soldier Suicide tshirts.

Anyone know what type of bug this is?  We have seen them all along the way.  They are super bright red.

Day 16, Monday 31 March 2014
Start Tray Mountain shelter, 1115
End Sassafrass Gap, 1630, 4.7 miles

Today our feet were hurting so we stopped at Sassafrass Gap.  Turned out to be a good thing, as we met Travis, former 1st BN Ranger, rocking his ranger panties.  Whoohoo, eyecandy on the trail, TRAIL MAGIC!!  Travis is hiking in memory of a ranger buddy he lost in January.  We had a great time swapping stories all evening and shared some Jack.  He coined me and lucky me I brought my Secretary of Defense Hagel coin with me, so Travis owes me some Jack!!

Day 17, Tuesday 1 April 2014
Start Sassafrass Gap, 1030,
End Moreland Gap, 1730, 5.3 miles

Attention on the AT, Kelly Knob is not a knob. It is a ball-busting pain in the feet mountain, and it kicked our butts.  Kelly Knob was a 800 ft straight up climb.  Trail Angel Tater, was just short of the summit handing out cold sodas.  Tater was just the pick me up we needed.  Our feet gave us both fits all day.  Hendo is swapping out dry socks throughout the day to see if it helps any, as well as experimenting with various boot tying techniques.  Mom's shoulder was killing her yesterday, but today feels fine, however, her feet are giving her fits today.  some irritating swarming bugs have come out now that the weather is nice.  It has been cool last night and tonight, but it was warm enough yesterday and today that we have been sporting our Stop Soldier Suicide t-shirts!!!  Hendo is having her 5-finger shoes sent to her to see if they help with her foot pain.  Several other people have used them periodically on the trail and recommend I try them.  Also, product review..Bridgedale socks suck!!!!  Mom accidentally, over cooked one pair of my Smartwool socks while trying to dry them in the oven at Blood Mtn Cabins.  So I got a replacement pair of Bridgedale socks at the local shop, no where near as good as Smartwool.  Working on getting a pair of smartwool so I can swap out socks during the day.  it is a nightly ritual for us now to go to sleep with our feet elevated on our backpacks, a great help!!!!  Tonight is ending with a double dose of ibuprofen...miss you all.  10 miles left in Georgia!!!!!


  1. Hey Ladies! Hope all is well! Miss you both. Sounds like you are seriously kicking butt.... Can't wait to come out and see you!

  2. Was wondering what the privies looked like on the trail. Yesterday a nurse told me there were three suicides on Fort Bragg last week; still a big problem. Couldn't figure out the bug, maybe some sort of beetle?

  3. The bug may be - Trombidium grandissimum "Giant Red Velvet Mite"