Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grey Group ROCKS!!!!

So here I am hiking the AT and my mom, trying to be helpful, accidentally over cooked a pair of my SmartWool socks in the oven at the Blood Mtn Cabins.  I bought a pair of Bridgedale socks at the Neel Gap store, but they are crap.

I purchased my beloved SmartWools at Grey Group on Reilly Rd in Fayetteville, NC and have not been able to find the same ones out here on the trail.  I texted my best friend Ross and he got me the phone number for Grey Group.  I called them today and the sales associate gladly looked up my previous sock purchase.  They have a pair in stock and gladly put them in the mail.  So when we get to Franklin, NC in a few days my smartwools will be waiting.  Yay, Grey Group!!! Thank you so much for your support.  If you are in need of quality military and outdoor gear check out Grey Group!!!!

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