Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 25-27

Day 25, Wed, 9 Apr

Start Standing Indian Shelter, 1045,
End Carter Gap Shelter, 1800, 7.6 miles

Our longest day of hiking yet.  Terrain is much more moderate here in NC.  A quiet day of hiking nothing too exciting.  Feet are sore.


Day 26, Thurs 10 Apr

Start Carter Gap Shelter, 0945
End Long Branch Shelter, 1830, 8.6 miles

Our longest Day!!  Today we passed the 100 mile mark!!!  We also conquered Albert Mountain, which was our hardest climb yet, it was downright sadistic, we were on our hands and knees at a few places.  At the top the view was amazing!!!  Only have 21 more 100 mile stretches left to complete the entire trail...haha!!!  Hendo's feet were on fire when we got to the shelter tonight.  Going to have to see about new shoes or something when we get into Franklin, NC.
Mom climbing up Albert Mtn, had to get on hands and knees

Hendo climbing up Albert Mtn

100 MILES!!!!!!!!

View from on top Albert Mtn


Day 27, Fri 11 Apr

Start Long Branch Shelter, 0930
End Winding Stair Gap, 1600, 7.2

We have gradually increased our miles and are doing well at the 7-8 mile length, but our feet our still hurting more than they should so going to check out other options in Franklin, NC.  Two men dropped off trail magic at the Winding Stair Gap as we were walking off the mountain, so we enjoyed some fresh apples, bananas, homemade toffee and a cold Heineken...yay!!!!  Hendo's CVMA brother, Yamahawg, picked up us at Winding Stair Gap and his housing us for the next two nights for our zero day.  We stopped by the outfitter store and bought a few more dry bags, had dinner at the chinese buffet and resupplied at Walmart.  It will be nice to sleep in a bed tonight.

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