Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 21-24

I know that some of these entries are short, but time got away from us on our zero day and I didn't get around to updating the blog as much as I wanted.  Mom and I had an awesome R&R with my CVMA brother Yamahawg and his girlfriend Sandra in Franklin, NC.  Their hospitality was amazingand greatly appreciated.

Mom and I got fitted for new hiking shoes today, our boots weren't cutting it and come to find out not necessarily the best choice for us.  We now have Brooks hiking shoes and are excited to get back on the trail tomorrow.

Day 21, Sat 5 Apr
Start Dick's Creek Gap, 0905
End Plumorchard Shelter, 1500, 4.5 miles

Both of us have very sore feet.  4.5 miles was enough for today.  Met Chance from Ocala, FL, former infantry guy, very cool, swapped stories.  Heard coyote howling, gunshot and then silence.  Tomorrow we enter NC.
Plumorchard shelter, a typical shelter

Rangers, lead the way!!!

Hendo hanging food bags on bear cables

Day 22, Sun 6 Apr
Start Plumorchard shelter, 1130
End Bly Gap, NC, 1630, 4 miles

We finally made it to NorthCarolina!!!!  Good riddens to Georgia!!! Got camp set up and had dinner. 2 other couples decided to set up camp as well.  It started blowing and raining around 1930 and stormed all night.

Day 23, Mon 7 Apr
Start Bly Gap, 0930
End Muskrat Shelter, 1330, 2.8 miles

Absolutely miserable, didn't sleep last night because of storms, packed up in rain and wind, hiked in mud, rain and wind, got to muskrat shelter and called it a day, set up tent, curled up in sleeping bags to stay warm.
Had breakfast under our tent fly because of stormy weather

Day 24, Tues 8 Apr
Start Muskrat Shelter, 1045
End Standing Indian Shelter, 1500,4.9 miles

Rain stopped during the night, BOB (Big Orange Ball/sun came out, met Sam 8 & dad Chris & Sam's hiking buddy Billy the Bison stuffed animal, good day of hiking, trail nice and relatively flat, several rock slide areas, he do left foot sore, mom right shoulder sore, working on how to get pain to go away, he do has found loosely tying left boot helps, mom has taped a rock to the underside of her shoulder strap to put pressure on spasm in shoulder, found Billy on trail at standing indian shelter sent out request for help to find Sam on twitter, able to hang up and dry out gear,supposed to be cold tonight.

Handy little bridge added to former log crossing


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