Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 28- 34

Day 28, Sat 12 Apr
Zero day in Franklin, NC with CVMA brother Yamahawg. Brunch at diner, post office, outdoor 76  for new shoes, 15-7 cvma brothers stopped by for a visit, grilled out for dinner

Day 29, Sun 13 Apr, 114 miles
Start Winding Stair Gap
End Siler Bald Shelter

Shoes feeling good, feet generally sore not because of shoes

Day 30, Mon 14 Apr, 118 miles
Start siler bald shelter
End just north wayah gap

Pouring down rain, cold, wet, stopped and set up camp, left ankle killing hendo.

Day 31, Tues 15 Apr
Zero day on trail, rained all night, temp dropped today rain turned into snow, freezing cold tonight, spent day in tent resting feet and reading nook.
We awoke to a winter wonderland

Weather was so bad and winds so strong we had to eat in our tent


Day 32, Wed 16 Apr, 120.8 miles
Start just north of Wayah Gap
End Wayah Bald Shelter, 2.8 miles

Got lost on Bartram Trail, hendo feet achey, late start, stopped at wayah bald shelter
Stone tower on Wayah Bald

Vista from Wayah Bald

Hendo and Hendo's on top of Wayah Bald

Cleaning house, drying out


Day 33, Thurs 17 Apr, 131.4
Start Wayah Bald Shelter
End Wesser Bald Shelter, 10.6 miles

Our longest day, because of a trail angel we were able to slack pack over Rocky Bald and made up some miles.

Day 34, Fri 18 Apr, 137.3 miles
Start Wesser Bald Shelter
End The NOC( Nanatahala Outdoor Center)

Our next big benchmark, we made it to the NOC!!!! Going to shower, do laundry, Eat real food, sleep in a bed in hostel.

Mom navigating  through 'The Jumpoff' enroute  NOC

The Jumpoff

"Parking" outside Riversend Restaurant at NOC

Trail Magic left on our packs outide the restaurant

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